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QRM manages risks and spend to maximize your contingency workforce utilization through the following:

  • QRM will manage all of your contingency workforce vendors

  • QRM's Discovery Process identifies areas for improvement that delivers cost savings opportunities in such areas as:

    • Bill Rate Savings​

    • Referral Program Savings

    • Staff Time Savings

    • Usage Management Savings

    • Supplier Reduction Savings

    • Requisition Management Savings

    • Schedule Management Savings

  • QRM tracks and measures our performance against this savings forecast

  • With QRM, our approach is flexible and scalable to meet changing business needs

  • If your contingency workforce is large enough, QRM will place One Source Managers that serves as one contact for ALL staffing firms onsite at your regional offices

  • One invoice - customized to your requirements and creates utilization controls

  • Our WebCenter allows you to coordinate all activities through your dashboard and have instant access to all reports

  • QRM's implementation is a seamless transition

  • Integration of your approved vendors and assigned contingent workers

  • Ongoing management of contingent workforce utilization

  • Centralized database of all contingency workers assigned to your organization

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