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  • Time-to-Fill - QRM pro-activity anticipates our client's recruiting needs to have the resources available in the shortest time possible

  • Flexibility - An ever-changing market allows us to adapt to meet the new requirements without sacrificing quality

  • Alliance Network - Our strategic alliances allow us to have accountable, national resources available for all major markets


  • Innovative - QRM's environment of encouraging and supporting creative thinking provide solutions to unique circumstances

  • Integration - Through collaboration, our team becomes transparent at each client site by aligning goals to measurable results

  • Strategic Fit - One size does not fit all!  We learn and adapt to our clients' unique industry, culture and demands to manage their contingency workforce requirements


  • Quality - Recruiting, screening and placing people that meet clients' requirements and culture

  • Communication - Prepared contingency workers (Orientation)

  • Performance Measurements - We develop, track and review a performance matrix with each client

  • Retention - One of the key measurements of QRM is the retention of top performing contingency workers.  We plan activities to provide an inclusive environment

  • Accountable Partners - QRM is accountable for providing services to meet/balance the needs of both our clients and contingency workrs

  • Service - We are committed to the highest standard of customer service, which includes client and associate, speed, quality placements and effective communcations

  • Maximum ROI - We measure our performance based upon a criteria of maximizing our clients' staffing dollars

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